Your product, our care.
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To ensure the excellence and security in the provision of end-to-end services, meeting the needs of producers and exporters


We aim to exceed our clients’ expectations, focusing on the provision of service excellence.


Requirement or nature of what is steady, secured, solid, or from the one whom someone could count on or whom someone could trust.

To be the leader in the provision of services of handling, storage, and transport of products for export, generating value to clients, employees, community and investors, through technology, excellence and innovation.


It’s the position reached by the company within its segment.

Generate value

To prioritize and understand the client to conquer them the best way

Putting people first

Our clients, employees and investors success are what makes Dínamo’s success. For us, people come first.

Excellence and Innovation

We always seek to innovate and to have the best performance by understanding how we can help. Our history brought us this far and it is what will make us go further.

Continuous Learning

Through continuous learning and sharing new knowledge, we can grow alongside our peers

Entrepreneurship and creativity

For the excellence, we take risks with wisdom, but we also explore new pathways to expand. Our creativity is always used on behalf of people.

Co-creation and cooperation

Integrity is what guides all our relationships. Trust and respect for our peers are essential to navigating and growing together


Meet Dinamo’s senior management:

Luiz Alberto Levy Jr.

Superintendent Director
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“You can trust us because we know and have experience in what we do.”

He has worked at Dínamo since 2005, has a degree in civil engineering, and is coordinator of the Chamber of General Warehouses and the Santos Commercial Association (ACS) terminals. He is also a member of SAGESP and director of the Brazilian Association of Retroport Terminals and Container Transport Companies (ABTTC)..

Beatriz de Freitas A. Levy

Administrative director
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“Your product, our care. For you to go further and cross borders.“

She has worked at Dínamo since 2013, as an executive responsible for managing the areas of control, HR management, backoffice, IT and suppliers. She is a coffee classifier for the Santos Commercial Association and works with regulatory bodies, public authorities and customers.

Carlos Henrique da Silva

Warehouse manager
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“We take care of the entire process, from processing to export.”

He has worked at Dínamo since 2003, has a degree in Coffee Production Technology and a postgraduate degree in Business Management, in addition to being qualified as a Q-Arabic Grader by the Coffee Quality Institute. He has worked in the areas of Quality and Production Control Planning at Dinamo.

Walmir Alonso Pedro

Terminal operations manager
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“They say the journey is more important than the destination, and we understand the journey!”

He has worked at Dínamo since 2017, has been a customs broker since 1997 and has a degree in Foreign Trade. He has more than 25 years of experience in operations in Customs Terminals for Import, Export and Port Operations at the Port of Santos.

Altemar Bernardes Campos

Logistics manager
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“We are experts in taking care of our customers’ products throughout their journey.”

He has worked at Dínamo since 2012, has a degree in Accounting and has more than 21 years of experience in logistics, with a focus on cargo transportation.

Fabio Cardoso Pirani

CFO – Finance Director
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“We have in mind to achieve what money cannot buy. We invest in knowledge and constant improvements.”

CFO responsible for the financial, accounting and controlling areas. Postgraduate in Financial Controllership, with more than 25 years of experience in various areas related to the financial sector. He was a member of Abrainc's financial committee and has solid knowledge of financial, structured and capital market operations.