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Brazil is one of the world’s largest agricultural exporters. In 2020, the country produced over 255.4 million tons of grains. In a country rich in commodities, warehouses play a crucial role in the production chain. In the coffee market, the country is the world leader in exports. To ensure this important position, the storage for coffee export must follow international standards to guarantee the preservation of the quality of the national grain. In this scenario, the expertise of Dínamo Inter-Agrícola, with over 30 years in the market, ensures coffee producers the best storage solutions for export.

The modern warehouses of Dínamo Inter-Agrícola were specifically designed for export storage, with control of humidity and ambient temperature, following international protocols to ensure the maintenance of the quality of the grain both in its beverage and physical form. Export storage can be done in various ways, such as in 60 kg sacks, packaging in 1.2-ton Big Bags, or 1-ton Alpha Bags.

Dínamo Inter-Agrícola adopts an intelligent system of lot distribution in its export storage facilities, creating ventilation lanes that not only favor the maintenance of ambient temperature but also ensure employee safety and optimal use of the internal space of the facility.

Dínamo Inter-Agrícola’s facilities for export storage have national and international certifications that validate the company’s commitment to providing quality and reference service within the coffee sector.

During the export storage process, Dínamo Inter-Agrícola uses state-of-the-art technology to monitor the cargo and traceability of the batch being exported, from its arrival at the terminal to delivery to the port operator.

Dínamo Inter-Agrícola offers the best storage solutions for export.

To learn more about export storage and other services offered by Dínamo Inter-Agrícola, contact the company’s professionals at (13) 3213-1300

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