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Dínamo Inter-Agrícola is a specialized company in the coffee preparation sector for export, continuously updated with the best technological resources in the industry.

With over thirty years of experience, Dínamo Inter-Agrícola offers its clients a variety of services for the preparation of coffee commodities for export, covering all stages from receiving the sacks, cleaning the coffee beans, reprocessing, ventilation, electronic sorting, and shipping. In addition to services such as bag marking, storage, issuance of agricultural warrants, and preparation of coffees for BM&F Bovespa. Among these services for producers/exporters, coffee bean cleaning stands out.

Dínamo Inter-Agrícola’s warehouses have specialized machinery and workforce to clean coffee beans quickly and safely, always providing efficient and quality service.

With an increasingly demanding international market for the bean, the coffee bean cleaning process needs to be carried out by a serious and customer-committed company.

With warehouses located in Machado, Minas Gerais, and in the city of Franca, in the state of São Paulo, Dínamo Inter-Agrícola is ready to offer the best services to the coffee export market.

To learn more about coffee bean cleaning and other services offered by Dínamo Inter-Agrícola, contact the company’s professionals at (13) 3213-1300.

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