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Headquartered in the city of Machado-MG, Dínamo operates in an industrial complex with high technology and specialized teams. Our branches in the state of São Paulo, in Franca and Santos, bring the same expertise and quality of services.

Administrative Headquarters

Our central administrative office is in Santos-SP, a strategic city in the coffee export scene and home to two Dínamo REDEX terminals, which facilitates our general operations and our connection with the group’s other branches.


Rua Augusto Severo, n°7 – 12th Floor, Santos/SP – Brazil – 11010-919


+55 (13) 3213-1300


Founded in 1986, our headquarters are in Machado, south of Minas Gerais, the largest Arabica coffee producing region in Brazil. It is a strategic point, amidst large logistical bases. Therefore, in 2011, we opened the Tóliman Transportes headquarters in the city.


Rodovia BR 267 KM01-320m, n°1321 – Machado/MG – Brazil – 37750-000


+55 (35) 3295-5111 | +55 (35) 3295-5070

Terminal REDEX III

Rodovia BR 267 KM01-320m, n°1321 – Machado/MG – Brazil – 37750-000


+55 (35) 3295-5111

Tóliman - Transport

Rodovia BR 267 KM01-320m, n°1321 – Machado/MG – Brazil – 37750-000


+55 (35) 3295-3767 | +55 (35) 3295-1089


The REDEX I terminal was created to be specialized in the coffee commodity, with agile and specific machinery that allows the unloading, blending and stewing of green coffee within the highest quality standards. The location is strategic and easily accessible: at the entrance to the city that has the largest port in Latin America, through which 80% of exported coffee flows. In 2021, we started operating REDEX II due to the high demand for providing services for cotton and sugar commodities, as well as other products such as seeds in general, copper ingots and boxes. In this branch, we operate in cross docking mode, with modern equipment and specialized staff. Both REDEX fully comply
with ordinances 48/2017 and 171/2020, having a monitoring system for greenhouses and perimeters with storage for 90 days.

Terminal REDEX I

Avenida Marginal Direita da Via Anchieta, n°2775 – Santos/SP – Brazil – 11090-001


+55 (13) 3299-1833 | +55 (13) 3203-2075 | +55 (13) 3232-9074

Terminal REDEX II

Avenida Vereador Alfredo das Neves, n°2090 – Santos/SP – Brazil – 11015-510


+55 (13) 3213-1302


In 2010, we began operating the branch in Franca-SP, an important coffee hub, further optimizing our logistical operations.


Rua Ézio Pucci, n°2901 – Franca/SP – Brazil – 11406-078


+55 (16) 3707-1807