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Exporting to agribusiness accounts for about 20% of Brazil’s GDP, consistently playing a crucial role in the positive performance of the trade balance and economic growth.

According to the Ministry of Agriculture, in March 2019, the agribusiness sector represented 47.6% of Brazilian exports. During this period, the main segments of exports to agribusiness in Brazil were the soybean complex (46.0%), meats (14.3%), forest products (12.7%), coffee (5.4%), and the sugarcane and alcohol complex (4.5%).

In the coffee market, exports to agribusiness in March 2019 grew by 12.3%, reaching $467.39 million, according to data from the Ministry of Agriculture (

The success and benefits of exporting to agribusiness

Currently, Brazil is one of the top five commodity-producing countries and the leader in exporting soy, sugar, coffee, chicken, meat, and orange juice to agribusiness.

The growing demand requires producers to partner with a specialized company that can provide the best solutions for exporting to agribusiness. With over thirty years of experience, Dínamo Inter-Agrícola proves to be the right choice, ensuring exporting processes to agribusiness that combine agility, security, and efficiency with intelligent cost reduction.

Dínamo Inter-Agrícola offers its clients excellent services in exporting to agribusiness at its headquarters in Machado, state of Minas Gerais, and also at its branches in the state of São Paulo, in the cities of Franca and Santos.

Dínamo Inter-Agrícola’s Redex terminal provides exporting services to agribusiness in a prime location, close to the most important port in Latin America, the Port of Santos.

Clients of Dínamo Inter-Agrícola can also rely on the Dínamo Group’s transportation company, Tóliman Transporte, which, with a modern and 100% traceable fleet, offers specialized transportation services for exporting to agribusiness, ensuring cargo safety from end to end.

To learn more about exporting to agribusiness and other services offered by Dínamo Inter-Agrícola, contact the company’s professionals at (35) 3295-5111 or (13) 3213-1300.

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