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Coffee Beans Cleaning

Dínamo Inter-Agrícola is a specialized company in the coffee preparation sector for export, continuously updated with the best technological resources in the industry. With over thirty years of experience, Dínamo Inter-Agrícola offers its clients a variety of services for the preparation of coffee commodities for export, covering all stages from

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Sugar stuffing

Considering that not all buyers of Brazilian sugar have the necessary industrial infrastructure to refine it, nor do they require a large quantity that needs to be carried in bulk, containerized sugar stuffing plays a significant role in the market and has been growing each year. How are sugar stuffing

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Export Storage

Brazil is one of the world’s largest agricultural exporters. In 2020, the country produced over 255.4 million tons of grains. In a country rich in commodities, warehouses play a crucial role in the production chain. In the coffee market, the country is the world leader in exports. To ensure this

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Export Customs Clearance

Export customs clearance is the procedure in which the accuracy of the data declared by the exporter regarding their goods, the documents presented, and the specific legislation are analyzed. All goods destined for foreign countries, as well as those being re-exported, are subject to export customs clearance, according to Decree


Special Export Regime

Special Export Regime was created to stimulate the development of export chains in the State of São Paulo, ensuring the non-incidence of ICMS (Value Added Tax on Sales and Services) in export operations. This measure relieves the export production chain, preventing the accumulation of ICMS credits in establishments exporting the


Exportation for Agribusiness

Exporting to agribusiness accounts for about 20% of Brazil’s GDP, consistently playing a crucial role in the positive performance of the trade balance and economic growth. According to the Ministry of Agriculture, in March 2019, the agribusiness sector represented 47.6% of Brazilian exports. During this period, the main segments of

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