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Considering that not all buyers of Brazilian sugar have the necessary industrial infrastructure to refine it, nor do they require a large quantity that needs to be carried in bulk, containerized sugar stuffing plays a significant role in the market and has been growing each year.

How are sugar stuffing operations carried out at Dínamo Inter-Agrícola?

Dínamo Inter-Agrícola provides sugar stuffing services at its REDEX terminals located in the retro port zone of the port of Santos and now also at its new unit in the city of Machado/MG. The service offered for sugar stuffing is through Cross Docking. The company’s Redex terminals receive trucks carrying refined sugar in bags of 25 or 50 kg, and the product is transferred to the container. For the execution of sugar stuffing, Dínamo Inter-Agrícola has its own skilled workforce to carry out this task quickly and with quality. Following the customs regulations of the port of Santos and adhering to all customs regulations, the REDEX terminals record the entire stuffing process from the beginning until the sealing of the container, and the storage of the entire process is maintained for 90 days, ensuring traceability and confidence in this process.

After container stuffing, the cargo is delivered to the port operator responsible for loading the container within the port of Santos.

The goal of container stuffing is to ensure that the sugar reaches its final destination in good condition, without excess moisture that may affect its quality or durability. To ensure proper sugar stuffing, it is important to follow the guidelines and recommendations of the sugar manufacturer and the carrier, and use the appropriate equipment for the process.

Producers/exporters can rely on Dínamo Inter-Agrícola’s expertise in their sugar stuffing operations.

To learn more about sugar stuffing and other services offered by Dínamo Inter-Agrícola, contact the company’s professionals at (13) 3213-1300

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